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Work gloves  
Suitable for construction,agriculture,gardening,loading and unloading.This glove has been designed according to the RD1407/1992 instructions,in accordance with rulings UNE-EN 420 and UNE-EN 388.

Limitation of use
Must not be used in work stations in which the levels of mechanical risks exceed those established or when there are non-mechanical risks. It is manufactured with latex which, may present intolerance in individuals susceptible to this material.
Must not be used where there is a risk of being caught in the moving parts of Machinery.

Expiry date
From its first use,its life is defined by the number of acceptable wash cycles. If unused and in appropriate storage conditions its replacement is recommented within two years.

In a dry,cool place out of sunlight and any other aggressive agent.
No special packaging is required for transport and preservation but they must stay stretched out.

Maintenance and cleaning

If washing is required,do so at 40 C with a neutral detergent.
Acceptable washing cycles:10.
Do not use bleach.
Do not iron.
Do not tumble dry.

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